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The three most relevant words when it comes to Alissa Baldwin's stance on the issues:

  • Faith
  • Family
  • Freedom


I am 100% pro-life and will defend the unborn innocents who need a voice in this world.  I am horrified by the stance taken by Senators Kaine and Warner pushing the pro-choice arguments into reduced restrictions on late-term abortions.  Life begins at the moment of conception and needs to be protected. Federal monies should not be distributed to Planned Parenthood which furthers the government-sanctioned murder of babies in the womb.  We must do more to champion life, even from its earliest stages of development.


I support public schools which are grossly underfunded but acknowledge parents have a fundamental right to choose the best education pathway for their children, which includes universal vouchers.  I'm a first generation college student and benefited from public schools in the K-12 realm, as well as private and public institutions of higher education. Our children are the future of society and we need them to be well educated.  Teachers and other instructional personnel are vital to the success of students; therefore, educators should be compensated for their long-term impact on society and receive more than a "living wage." Congress must do more to provide funding for public schools, particularly those in rural communities which lack the tax base to provide more than the basic essentials.  I believe authority for oversight of education should be returned to the states, including our great Commonwealth of Virginia.


I firmly believe in the power of the United States Constitution, which includes support for the second amendment right to keep and bear arms.  Firearms training and education go a long way to ensure law-abiding citizens have personal protection. I will fight back against the left's attacks on this basic constitutional right.  Making it harder for law-abiding citizens does not prevent criminals from their illegal activities; it simply puts citizens at a disadvantage to defend themselves.


I love that America is such a diverse country; its people are part of what makes us beautiful as a nation.  However, the Constitution sets forth pathways to citizenship and those federal procedures simply must be followed by all who want to pursue the American Dream.  Amnesty is a liberal solution to an open borders problem. Why should taxpaying voters bear the burden and reward illegal immigrants who showed no regard for the rule of law?  Every arrested illegal immigrant should face the legal consequences of their decision - deportation.

Public Safety

I stand with the brave men and women of Law Enforcement, a proud supporter of the "Back the Blue" movement in this country.  The work they do to protect and serve communities is critical. As the daughter of a firefighter/EMT for the federal government and former volunteer myself with my local fire and rescue agency, I acknowledge that these hard-working heroes need additional funds to support increasing costs of apparatus, equipment, protective gear, training, insurance, etc.  All those who put their lives on the line and run towards danger deserve our utmost respect and full financial support to get the resources and compensation they need.


America is the land of the free because of the brave!  Virginia has over 700,000 veterans who fought to protect us at home.  The Veterans Administration needs to do all that it can to ensure Virginia cares and supports our veteran population, with practical assistance in regards to housing and medical care, including mental health treatment.  Our actively serving military men and women should be funded at the level that confirms Congressional recognition of America as a world leader in democracy and the fight for freedom worldwide. Freedom is not free in this land of liberty.  We must champion for those who step up to serve in such a noble capacity.

Healthcare, including Mental Health

Obamacare failed and yet, millions of Americans still suffer its consequences with astronomically increasing premiums, limited health insurance options, and government attempts to make healthcare more affordable.  As a member of the working class, I see the ill effects in my personal budget and struggles of family members and friends to get the healthcare they need at a cost they can afford without the benefit of free enterprise.  Congress needs to do its part to address the mental health crisis in this country.

Budget, Spending, and Taxes

Nobody likes taxes, but they are a necessary means to an end.  Hard-working Americans deserve to keep as much of their money as possible while still supporting the government's obligation to provide basic public goods and services.  Congress must work with the President to have a budget that addresses national priorities, reduces the deficit, and eases the tax burden on everyday citizens.


We need to be less dependent on others to supply energy.  America should focus on its natural resources including nuclear, solar, wind, and fossil fuels.  Educating the public about energy usage and conservation would be very practical life lessons also in the face of rising electric bills for most Americans.


What other issues matter the most to you?  If I have the privilege of being elected, your voice is the one that matters the most to me.  Let me hear from you so we can tackle the pressing issues together!

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