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Alissa's Action Plan if Elected to Serve in the Senate (Suggested Solutions):

  • Champion the Constitution for the United States of America

  • Propose legislation to address the overwhelming student debt problem: lower interest rates, provide incentives programs for partial loan forgiveness to those graduates who accept employment in critical shortage areas, provide increased education to high school and college students with loan repayment calculators, advocate trade school programs and community college 

  • Work to end federal monies going to Planned Parenthood

  • Support well vetted conservative appointments to federal courts, including the Supreme Court

  • Support legislation to protect the unborn: rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness

  • Remain a lifelong learner - read up on the issues - listen to the people - vote as a conservative

  • Support President Trump's plans to secure our national borders and resolve the crisis 

  • Protect basic rights of citizenship, including the Second Amendment right to defend yourself

  • Introduce and support legislation focused on government deregulation - less "Big Brother" and more individual liberties and states' rights which benefits private citizens and small business entrepreneurs

  • Support President Trump’s endeavors to put America first in trade agreements

  • Demand Congress act with constitutional authority for oversight of military defense operations/war powers

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